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Fall is here, can winter be far behind? With temperatures dropping, GeekShare has released a furry bag - the 🔗Jo Jo Paw Carrying Bag, which is super winter-friendly. Inspired by classic game consoles, it's cute and stylish with custom personalized embroidery on the surface and is so versatile that you can use it as a purse too.

The soft, plush fabric is like petting a kitten, and the two cat ears on the top are so lifelike, making this Jo Jo Paw even cuter.


Product Size: 31x18cm; Strap: 42.5 cm; Strap can be adjusted. there are three pockets inside the bag, so there is enough space for you to store your phone, charger, keys, and Switch.


Another product of discounted set is the 🔗Jo Jo Paw Silicone Protective Case, which is available in three colors, yellow, blue, and purple.

But GeekShare is about to release a new color - pink! For more information, you can follow us on 🔗Twitter (geekshareplus) or 🔗Ins (geekshareplus), where we will post the latest news.


This Switch case is suitable for both regular Switch and OLD versions, so the audience is much wider. The case does not have too many patterns, mainly a mixture of three colors to make the whole not monotonous, the main focus is the two handles with 3D cat footprints, not only cute and non-slip, so you may not help but knead them.


Customers who have purchased it have also given us 5-star feedback, which you can check out on the 🔗GeekShare!

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