Put Reality Into The Game World, Button Thumb Grips Did That


GeekShare has released new products! Many of our fans' first impressions of GeekShare products are cute, but we want to do more than that, our fans like to comment under 🔗GeekShare IG, we read those and give positive feedback to design a more satisfying product.

🔗GeekShare Button Thumb Grips is a new attempt, because before we are good at taking advantage of cute elements, but the button thumb grips is a simple design, it will have the feeling of pulling reality into the game.

There are two color sets for you to choose from, 💗black&white set and a pink&blue set💙, black and white seem to be versatile, while pink&blue have a more cartoonish sense, you can match them with the corresponding protective cases according to your preference, which can also be found in GeekShare.

If you have a good matching design, you can also share it in the 🔗GeekShare Reddit Community! This will give more fans some inspiration.

Another new product is the 🔗GeekShare Pink 60 Protective Case for OLED. The colors of this case are black and pink because an all-black case would look plain without highlights, while an all-pink case would need more details of embellishment, so GeekShare chose to blend the two, mysteriously but lovely.

The pattern may be reminiscent of cyberpunk, but our philosophy is different, we advocate high life and GeekShare's goal is to provide players with a better gaming experience.


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