Please Accept The Panda Toast Wink~

Another little cutie is finally here - 🔗GeekShare Panda Toast Thumb Grips.

Pandas can only survive in certain environments and are now only found in China's Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces, making them a national treasure because of their rarity. However, many people in other parts of the world love pandas, so China has started to give or lease pandas outside of China to promote friendly relations with other countries. This is a means of showing friendliness to the outside world, after all, who can say no to a cute panda?


Although pandas only come in black and white, the monotonous colors can't stop them from being cute! GeekShare also uses simple colors, but rather combines the shape of the panda with the color of the toast, the overall tone is softer, and the ears and iconic eyes of the panda are very eye-catching.

The expressions of the two grips are also different, one is winking at you, and there are little stars ~ and the other is just naive and cute looking at you.

Another reminder that the same panda toast switch protective case will be on sale soon. When GeekShare posted the grips picture on IG, some fans asked if there would be a case of the same series, so of course, GeekShare wants to fulfill the fans' wishes as much as possible!

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