Pink Bomb! Nobody Can Say ‘No’ To GeekShare Stars Wings Case


Every time we post a new GeekShare product on IG, there are always fans who ask if there is a pink color, so it is clear that PINK seems to be most people's favorite, so we released the 🔗GeekShare Stars Wings Protective Case.


Stars Wings, as the name implies, must not be missing the wing element on it, the main pattern in the middle is a 💗heart-shaped crystal, and the wings are guarding it. And two handle protective cases are adorned with 3D wings, which not only echo the overall, 3D design is non-slip, which can provide a good touch feeling when playing the game. The overall color is still pink, but to keep it from being too monotonous, we use ⭐yellow stars embellished.

The case does not include the thumb caps, so you will need to purchase the extra thumb caps. We recommend the 🔗GeekShare Cream Heart Thumb Crips. Pink and yellow echo the colors of the case, and the pink hearts and yellow stars are reminiscent of desserts, doughnuts, ice cream, and other foods that can keep people happy.

As for the material, it is made of soft, durable silicone material. On top of such high practicality can also ensure a good touch feel, and is very cost-effective.

Note that this Stars Wings Protective Case is only available for Switch OLED, when it debuted on IG, there were fans messages about whether there will be a regular Switch version released, based on this, we also did feedback to the person in charge, but because of the constraints of various practical factors, no specific news has been received. But once we are sure we will produce a regular Switch version of the case, we will be the first to notify you guys.

In short, if you own a Switch OLED and crazy fan of pink, then you don't want to miss the GeekShare Stars Wings Protective Case!  

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