Looking for a minimalism style Switch bag? Come to GeekShare!

As GeekShare's audience grows, we don't want to be limited to the cute, but rather to go in multiple directions. While many fans are attracted to the "cute Switch accessories", we still want to try more diverse styles.

🔗GeekShare ABS White Carrying Case for Switch&OLED is a kind of experiment, although the cute style is more memorable, this minimalist style is more versatile.

It also has only one color, the whole is white, but the black zipper makes the overall sense of demarcation more obvious, the zipper head is also GeekShare, personality but not ostentatious.

There is no pattern on the whole, but we have a design in the shape, not a regular square bag, the four corners protrude, and the middle sinks, so that if it falls from a high place, the bag can play an effective cushioning effect, which can protect Switch from damage.

The only decoration is a custom metal badge, which is stylish and echoes the slogan less is more.

ABS &PC & EVA three-layer composite material, light but strong. Effectively absorb external shocks and protect your Switch. Not only can it hold your Switch, but also 10 game cards, in addition to two Joy-Cons iPods and other accessories. can also be packed inside, using enough space to meet your needs.

If minimalist style is your type, then come to GeekShare and get it now.


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