GeekShare Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 1.0

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and they say it's the perfect time to show the special people in your life how much you appreciate them, but GeekShare thinks it's more than that, it can also be a time to treat yourself and that loving yourself is the start of a lifelong romance. With that in mind, 💝GeekShare has also prepared a generous discount of 25% off any pink item from the 10th-14th.💝

Let's take a look at some of the products worth buying during the event~

🔗GeekShare Stars Wings Carrying Bag

This is also the latest product from GeekShare, the fluffy pink exterior can make you attracted at first glance, and you can pinch the 3D wings. Another idea is the shoulder straps, we didn't use wide straps, but a chain design, which makes the overall look of the bag cut but distinctive.

🔗GeekShare Stars Wings Silicone Protective Case

This is the earliest release of the Stars Wings series because it is very popular, so GeekShare chose to produce a carrying bag, but at present only the protective case OLED version is available, the regular version is waiting for restocking, please be patient, once the arrival, we will publish the announcement.

The main color is pink, only in the two hand grips where there are 2 wings, not only to play a decorative role but also to enhance the anti-slip function.

🔗GeekShare Cream Heart Thumb Grips

The pink hearts and yellow stars echo perfectly with the various elements of the Star Wings protective case. Although the all-pink color also looks good, the yellow color plays the role of the finishing touch.

🔗GeekShare Pixel Cat Protective Case

It's a kitty planet, which consists of fishing kitties, superhero kitties, rapper kitties, and game-playing kitties, and if there is a chance to peek into the kitty world, I'll be the first to sign up! Who can refuse to play games with cute kitties?


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