GeekShare Offers New Halloween Deal, Up To 40% Off

Halloween is just around the corner and back in early October GeekShare launched the first wave of the Halloween sale - free tea coasters with the purchase of Halloween products - and now the second wave is underway, up to 40% off, and will run until the 31st, there are no more free coasters, but the generous discounts are still a great deal, and check out GeekShare! 's new arrivals.

😸GeekShare Cherry Pop Silicone Protective Case

A blend of purple and black seems to fit the Halloween vibe with this one, which is designed for NS and OLED.

Special note: This Joycon Cover is sold separately! When you buy either the set or the Joycon Cover, we'll send you the matching thumb grip caps.

🍓🍫GeekShare Kuma Donut Silicone Protective Case

It comes in two color options, strawberry dark chocolate and matcha white chocolate. It not only provides high aesthetics but also practicality can be guaranteed. The silicone material can provide a non-slip effect so that it won't affect your touch feel when playing games.

😸GeekShare Aurora Kitty Max Carrying Case

Importantly, the part that holds the Switch is removable, which means you can use it as a regular carrying case. The color is mainly praised by fans, in addition, the front is a 3D cat's face, she is asking for a hug, seeing this is just heart-melting, wherever you go, just take it with you.

⭐💗GeekShare Star Wings Carrying Case for Switch&OLED

Folks, you can always highly anticipate the GeekShare Star Wings collection, we're always coming up with new designs! There will be a new controller carrying case for the same collection, so stay tuned!

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