GeekShare Mouse Pad Collection, There's Always One You Like!

Before everything starts, GeekShare previews a new Halloween-themed product - GeekShare Starry Witch Mouse Pad.


The images on it are all Halloween elements, pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats, black cats, owls, etc. The purple color adds a sense of mystery to the overall atmosphere. In addition, this mouse pad is not just a rectangle, it has two devil horns on top, trick but cute! Now it has not been officially released yet, so you can follow us on 🔗Twitter (geekshareplus) and 🔗Ins (geekshareplus), we will post the latest information on SNS.

Although the Halloween limited mouse pad has not yet been released, you can check out the existing mouse pads on GeekShare.

🔗GeekShare Bakery Cat Mouse Pad


The overall color is butterscotch, if your room as a whole is this tone, then this will be a necessity. The pattern is also cat-like, with a cat mixed in with a bunch of baguettes, croissants, and toast, and it doesn't feel out of place.

🔗GeekShare Magic Bunny Mouse Pad


This mouse pad is inspired by a crane machine, where a bunny is about to be caught in a glass case because a carrot is used as bait. We purposely made a reflective design to make this toy cabinet more imaginative. In addition, there is a pair of rabbit ears on it, adding a sense of cuteness.

🔗GeekShare Dream Catcher Mouse Pad


The fusion of pink and purple makes the whole more mysterious. There is no large pattern, mainly cat footprints, which is too suitable for game girls.

But this is currently a sold-out state, but after we will re-release it, as many fans have commented under the INS hope that it returns.

🔗GeekShare Nebula Rat Mouse Pad


The shape is very similar to the handle, the middle of the transition band is blue, the left part is very much like the up and down left and right buttons, the right is four rats, respectively, in four directions, and the left is the echo. This mouse pad is also currently sold out, and we will release the news on SNS when it is available.

🔗GeekShare Cat Ears Big Mouse Pad


This mouse pad is inspired by the Switch, the left and right grips and the middle screen are very similar to the Switch, but it's even cuter because it's not a naked machine, but a Switch with a cat ear case.

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