GeekShare Green NS Accessories Are Perfect Match For Summer Vibes

Green is a restful and quiet color, as it symbolizes nature. Green is one of the most comforting colors that attracts harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety and helps us stay calm and refreshed and also is the greatest color for summer. If you are a maniac for green, check out these GeekShare NS accessories.

🐸GeekShare Frog Mouse Pad

The whole part is green, which goes perfectly with the summer atmosphere. The design of the mouse pad is modeled after the Switch console, with flowers and hearts replacing the buttons and lotus leaves replacing the joysticks.

In addition, it's not a pure rectangle, there are two "frog ears" on the upper part, which is an unexpected fusion of frog and Switch console. The frog is the main element, presenting a frog kingdom, and under the guard of the King's Sword, the frogs can enjoy their leisurely life.

🌲GeekShare Animal Forest Carrying Case for Switch&OLED

This is not a new product from GeekShare, but we were inspired when Animal Crossing was released. No one can refuse to live in a carefree utopia~

The green color scheme is so closely related to the forest, trees, and nature, and there is no exaggerated pattern in the case, but a house in the forest, accompanied by the flowing water around it, waking up in this kind of environment every day should be the most blissful thing.







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