Even Cuter Than GeekShare Thumb Grips are GeekShare Button Caps

For many Switch players, it's common to equip their Switches with protective cases and thumb grips, but GeekShare's products include but are not limited to these, and now GeekShare is developing more new products, one of which is the Switch button caps.

Because when the Switch is equipped with a protective case and thumb grips, it's cute but the buttons on it seem to be inconsistent, so GeekShare decided to make everything more harmonious and we released the new Switch button caps.

🔗 GeekShare Cat Paw Button Caps

If you're a fan of GeekShare, then you'll know that we're a big fan of kitty. Almost all of our debut products blend in kitty elements, and these button caps are no exception, we also use the shape of cat paws.

Note: Special discount is unlocked, buy the "GeekShare Cat Paw Shape Thumb Grips+GeekShare Cat Paw Button Caps" set, and you can enjoy the discount automatically.


🔗GeekShare Heart Button Caps

The heart-shaped button caps are versatile and can be matched with GeekShare's other Switch products. The pink and blue colors are also classic GeekShare colors. We insist on less is more, even if using simple colors, we can still make the product stand out from the rest of the brands.

The steps to install button Caps are also very simple.

✅ Remove the sticker from the back mask

✅ Attach the stickers to the buttons

✅ Remove the masks

✅ Attach the caps to the buttons

You can come to GeekShare’s official website to check more specific details.







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