Be In Love With The GeekShare Greenery

The new GeekShare Switch OLED case has arrived, and it's full of life, technically speaking, all kinds of green intertwined to form the ultimate 🔗GeekShare Garden House Protective Case.

For countries in the northern hemisphere, summer is here and it will be time to see the leafy scenery again, which is a green lover's paradise. So the Garden House is inspired by nature. The overall background color is a matte dark green, a premium texture.

The middle pattern is the garden house, green plants, potted plants, and vines spread throughout the scene, different green into the eye, creating a different sense of hierarchy, although in the same picture, and the same color, but very harmonious.

The bear florist and the bunny florist are working carefully to keep everything in order.

As for the part of the handles, according to the distribution of the buttons, we designed vines to go through these buttons and reach the bear florist and the bunny florist at the bottom.

If you've been chasing the image of animals and nature living in harmony, try this GeekShare OLED case!

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