2 Versions Of GeekShare Cat Ears Carrying Case Are Available Now

The 🐱🐱GeekShare Cat Ears Carrying Case for Switch is not a new product, but the thickened version is a new arrival. Right now only the pink and gray thickened versions are available, so if you want the yellow thickened version, please stay tuned.

The regular version of the Cat Ears Carrying Case gained a lot of fans as soon as it was released, The 3D cat ears are eye-catching and it doesn't just serve as a decoration, the silicone material allows them to stay firmly on the table and won't fall off easily. The entire case is patterned with a kitty's face, and the 3D ears bring it to life, making it look vivid.

Additionally, GeekShare has put ingenuity into the zipper head, which is a cat tail to complete the last piece. The grid design inside allows you to store your USB cables and other accessories, and it also holds up to 10 game cards, greatly enough storage for your needs.

The thickened version is just a change in thickness to provide more complete protection, so if you're going to be traveling with your NS a lot, then consider the thickened version.


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