Our Company



 A beginning, inspired by passions.

 In 2016, a group of veteran players gathered together for the love of games. Under the collision of passion and love, the brand "GEEKSHARE" was born.

 We insist "Let professional people do professional things", every member of our team is all-rounded with both creativity and innovation.

The product has formed, it's time to share our ideas with the world.

 In 2017, the Cat Paw collection debuted, and it captured many gamers' hearts rapidly.

 When it first appeared on Amazon, it became the top of the thumb grips category and was recommended by Amazon's Choice since then.

 Since receiving the affirmation of more and more users, our fan base getting wider and wider, and now our fans are all over North America, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

 In 2022, GeekShare become one of the top 3 gaming accessory brands in mainland China in terms of market share.

 In 2023, GeekShare licensed from Sanrio, Coca-Cola, and other Intellectual Properties

 The accumulation of the past is the cornerstone of the future.We will take the successful experience of past product development and replicate it in more fields.

 As far as possible, beyond what is thought. It's an honor to tell about our past, but it's an even greater pleasure to enjoy the future.