What To Do With A Time Machine?

We drove around in a time machine

Like one in a film I've seen~

When we are young we always want to grow up quickly, but when we become adults we can't help but miss the past time. Everyone should have thought, "If there was a time machine, I would..." As far as I'm concerned, if there is a time machine in the world, that would be fantastic! GeekShare has released a new Switch Carrying Case - 🔗GeekShare Time Machine Carrying Case for Switch&OLED.

Although we understand that people love pink, if only pink color, it will be monotonous, so this time we choose purple as the main color and pink as an accent to make them look more dreamy.

The part of the zipper and strap is purple, while for the buckle and strap articulation we use pink, although it does not account for a large proportion, plays the role of the finishing touch. We also did not use a large piece of graffiti on the bag, but only printed the GeekShare logo and slogan, in addition, the design of the model of the time machine, including the two buttons and the wheel that can convert time.

As for the material, we use PC + ABS three-layer composite material, lightweight but solid, can effectively absorb external shocks and provide protection for your Switch. And large capacity can also meet your needs, it can accommodate up to 10 game cards, a Switch console, 2 thumb caps, rechargeable batteries, and other accessories. This means that if you go out and want to take the Switch, then taking the bag can free your hands!

And it can also be used as a decoration on your outfit, which can make you unique in the crowd.



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