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Star Wings Already Exist, All You Have To Do Is Fly

Star Wings Already Exist, All You Have To Do Is Fly

GeekShare has prepared surprises for you, so get ready. First of all, the 🪽🪽🪽ʚɞʚɞGeekShare summer sale will start soon, with up to 50% off, stay tuned!ʚɞʚɞ Hope you can actively grab it and buy your beloved products at the lowest price.

Then, the GeekShare Star Wings collection is still expanding, and the ʚɞSwitch Game Card Case is now available at 15% off.

Although GeekShare has enough cute pink accessories, Star Wings is still an untouchable hot sale, if you google "Cute Switch Accessory" then you must have seen "GeekShare", and Star Wings can be said to have fulfilled the fans' fantasy of cuteness.

From the Switch Protective Case to the mouse pad, you can find almost any accessory you need, and the Star Wings collection continues to expand, with the latest product being the GeekShare Star Wings Switch Game Card Case.

There are two versions to choose from, the 16-slot and the 24-slot, depending on your needs. 16-slot is smaller and will be more suitable for travel, while the 24-slot version, well, just looking at the outside is already gorgeous, Putting it on the table as a decorative item is enough eye-catching~.

The pattern on the two versions is different, because the 16-slot version has limited space, so the outside is a closed wing, while the pattern on the 24-slot version is an open wing. Because they don't need to be held for a long time as the protective case, GeekShare uses a similar embossed design to make them more lifelike and three-dimensional.

Pursuing a texture like a work of art, GeekShare has always been serious.

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