Space Bunny Invites You To Visit Their Secret World

First of all, it's still an OLED protective case. GeekShare has known that many fans want more accessories for the NS version, and we're actively designing more NS version accessories that will be released later! So please stay tuned~

But this 🔗GeekShare Space Bunny Protective Case seems to be more harmonized with the OLED to bring out its loveliness, because it is a transparent case, so the leakage of the black and white Switch console will not have too much of a sense of incongruity. The matte texture can also play a good anti-slip effect so that it stays firmly in your hands.

As for the theme, it's more like an amusement park for animals than a bunny’s world. GeekShare has always believed that there are still other mysterious places besides the human world. Maybe the animals have superpowers and play in our human world during the day and go back to their amusement park at night to play together.

🔗GeekShare Purple Planet Button Caps


If you want to collect all the accessories in the picture, you can take a look at this Purple Planet Button Caps, 💫💫a set with 2 thumb grips and 2 button caps💫💫, which can perfectly cover all the buttons of your Switch greatly.

The overall light purple color makes them look dreamy, while the cyan color is an accent, making them look more lively, with the Space Bunny protective case, which is a match.

The physical is even cuter, you can see the customer feedback.

During the 25th-30th period, the free-shipping event for European regions is available, if you are located in European regions, then this is the right time to buy what you want.

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