Only For Switch Lite! GeekShare Ice Cream Cat Protective Case Is Here

Because GeekShare has been focusing on cases for the regular Switch or OLED versions lately, some Switch Lite owners have been commenting under 🔗GeekShare IG asking when a new case for the Switch Lite will be available, and we've been actively responding to that. Now a case designed just for the Lite version has appeared - the 🔗GeekShare Ice Cream Cat Protective Case.

To better blend the colors of the Lite itself, we used purple and red as the main colors and used a hollow design on the top to let out the colors of the Lite itself without looking weird in the scene, while the lavender color of the border makes the whole picture less monotonous. The main motif is also kitty, we created a kitty world where cute kittens turn into ice cream, donuts, and milk tea, a really sweet kitty world.

And the new 🔗GeekShare Wing Wing Thumb Grips and this protective case also very match, you can only with the help of the wings chatter about the sweet kitty world.

This Thumb Grip comes in blue and purple, and purple is probably a better match for this case. When the teaser image was released, some fans asked if it would be available in pink, we can't give a definite answer right now, but if there is a pink Wing Wing Thumb Grips coming soon, we will also announce the details on IG.

Now the 💝free shipping under $35 💝sale is still going on, so hurry up and take the set home!

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