New GeekShare Thumb Grips Are Here(Cute Monster Theme)

While GeekShare's Halloween event continues, we're still introducing more new products. As fans all know, GeekShare is a big fan of Kitty and Puppy because their cute images have long been popular, but in addition, we are also keen to break through stereotypes and make any monster cute.

🔗 GeekShare Crying Monsters Thumb Grips

When it comes to monsters, people think of them as scary, horrifying, and intimidating, but GeekShare's Crying Monster Thumb Grips breaks the stereotype that monsters can also be weak and sentimental. We have deliberately emphasized the eye detail with a teardrop next to the corner of the eye. The red and blue design is also the perfect color for the regular Switch version.


🔗GeekShare Baby Dinosaur Thumb Grips

If you are a dinosaur expert, then don't miss this Baby Dinosaur Thumb Grips. Pink and green colors make the dinosaur image cuter, and we designed two different expressions, one looks shocked, and the other looks so calm, which is also an interesting contrast.


🔗GeekShare Skull Kitty Thumb Grips

This is a relatively simple design, but black and white is the classic color scheme. When it comes to Skull, what comes to mind might be the traditional image of a skeleton, but GeekShare chooses to combine the skeleton and kitty, diluting the sense of fear, and the skull can be cute in some way.




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