Hint Hint! Check Out The Dancer Bunny’s Note

Translucent Switch protective cases may also be fancy for some people because these cases can show the original Switch look but with more creativity. The arrival of the 🐰🔗GeekShare Dancer Bunny Protective Case may appeal to some fans who like translucent cases.

Technically speaking, Dancer Bunny is translucent purple, and we tried to make it reflect Y2K style as much as possible. The main element is the cute bunny, well... definitely! bunnies are one of the best dancers,  as their exuberant energy is enough to complete any dance challenges.

Hint Hint! Check out the bunny’s note, maybe the cutie invites you to be the next dance challenger~

The handle part does not get too many patterns, only a bunny's face, but it does not seem to be a happy expression, they are looking at you with a dejected but hopeful mood.  If you are willing to join their camp to start the dance challenge, perhaps they will become more cheerful.



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