GeekShare's Free-shipping Event Will Start Soon, For European Regions Only!

GeekShare's other free-shipping event will start, this time for European regions only. From the 25th to the 30th, all customers from European regions can enjoy free shipping with the code " freeshippingEwhen they buy from the GeekShare official website, so it's a good time to buy your favorite products. You can check out GeekShare's new products worth buying.

🔗GeekShare Dark Star Wings Mouse Pad

A combination of black and purple, the purple crystal is surrounded by black wings, while all around are hanging sharp swords, the whole scene is permeated with danger, and a mysterious atmosphere, if you dare accept the challenge, then try your best to obtain this crystal.

🔗GeekShare Plush Baby Shark Protective Case for Switch OLED

Who says summer can't be related to fluffy? GeekShare already released some plush cases, the Plush Bunny case and the Plush Bear, which are in pink and brown. They reveal a warm and cozy feel as if they were born to go with the word "fluffy", and this Plush Baby Shark is an interesting combination!

🔗GeekShare Taro Pudding Carrying Bag for Tablet

The tablet carrying case is designed for most 9-11 inch tablets. The large space is enough to meet your needs.

The purple case looks like purple taro pudding, and there are uneven areas on it that resemble cheese, maybe, have you ever tasted cheese with taro flavor?

If purple is the color of luck for sure, then GeekShare would like to do everything we can to bring you endless luck.

This free shipping event is from the 25th-30th, so grab this opportunity!

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