GeekShare Summer Sale! Grab The 50% Off Deal

The GeekShare Summer Sale is already halfway through, and you still have plenty of time to grab a great deal and get the best value for your money. If you are a Nintendo Switch gamer, don't miss us.

🐱GeekShare Sakura Cat Protective Case

Sakura is the most suitable for spring vibes, and the kitty surrounded by Sakura is way too cute. Pink is the main color of this case, and the sakura is used as an accent. To better highlight, the pink of the sakura is deeper than the background color, and the pattern in the middle is a cute kitty that has been looking into the distance, surrounded by sakura. 

The pattern on the two sides of the handle is also different, one side is the sakura dropping, butterflies fluttering around, and the kitty is playing with it happily. The other side is the kitty pillowed in the sakura sinking into the dream, sweet and peaceful.

If you missed the spring sale, then catch it during GeekShare Summer Sale with half the price away it is absolutely worth it!

🐶🐻GeekShare Party Puppy & Winter Bear Protective Case for Switch OLED

Party Puppy

The light pink color makes the whole thing look very creamy, the cute puppies are having a party, whose birthday is it?

Winter Bear

Although the bears are wearing thick clothes to enjoy hot tea indoors, the light blue color as the main color makes this case unexpectedly suitable for summer. As the summer has already here, you can give it a go.


But, if you don’t like those Switch cases with too many images, then check GeekShare pure color Switch case.

🔗GeekShare New Sollid Protective Case

Some people prefer the “less is more” style, so a pure color Switch case is a better choice for them, GeekShare New Solid Protective Case for NS is suitable. There are many colors for you to choose from, not just black and white, but Peppermint, Mustard, Lilac, and blue, which are colors full of energy.

🔗GeekShare Air Carrying Case


Searching for a convenient Switch carry case? Check GeekShare Air Carrying Case. The thickness is only 1.02 inches, making it very easy and convenient to carry around. The raised areas protect the joysticks from collisions. It is slim and super light, which is the best choice on the go.

6 colors to choose from, yellow, pink, turquoise, green, brown, and gray. There is no pattern on the surface, so you can use your creativity to decorate it yourself with the stickers we attached.











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