GeekShare Matcha Froggy Case Is In Stock!

Green, Green, Still Green. which also means spring is here. The 🔗GeekShare Matcha Froggy Protective Case is now in stock.

Based on the fact that there are many kinds of green, GeekShare chose light green, like the color of spring grass just growing, feeling vibrant.

The main element is the froggy dessert master, good at making macarons, cakes, and matcha rolls, they are looking forward to your feedback after tasting their masterpiece!

🔗GeekShare Froggy Thumb Grip Caps

A set contains four grip caps, two froggy caps, and two Axolotl caps. In order to echo the original color of the Switch, the Froggy Thumb Grip Caps are blue-green in color, and to add a sense of cuteness, we also designed pink blushes for it.

And as for Axolotl caps, we use pink, which restores the color of the Axolotl in reality as much as possible. In reality, Axolotl comes in six colors (purple, black, yellow, red, green, and white).

It's so weird, the first time I saw the Axolotl, I thought it looked too much beyond my aesthetics, but after looking at it quite a few times, I was surprised to see that it is kinda cute on the front unexpectedly. How can this be? Does anyone else feel the same way as I do?

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