GeekShare Makes It A Bunny Night~

The GeekShare Autumn Sale is now underway and will 🌰end on the 30th🌰, with up to 50% off waiting for you!

The good news is that the 🐰🖤Plush Black Bunny Protective Case is now available with 20% off, the bad news is that it is still designed for the OLED version.

The GeekShare Plush Black Bunny Protective Case, which you should be able to imagine by its name, is a must-try if you have a Switch OLED.

We've got enough cute pink items, so this time it's black! The overall color is black, but to keep it from being too monotonous, purple is used as an accent color. Purple is usually associated with ambition, mystery, and magic. GeekShare also uses bunny elements, and with the combination of these, it's easy to see that an ambitious bunny is planning something big. And it's a one-eyed bunny with an eye patch and a broken heart image on that, so perhaps a conspiracy is about to emerge...

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