GeekShare Has Finally Released Almost All Versions of Catroller Skin

GeekShare's previous focus was on Switch-related accessories, so the first Catroller product was the 🔗NS PRO Skin, and we posted on IG calling for fans to name it, and the fan who came up with the 🐱🎮Catroller🐱🎮, which is genius!

Now the 🔗GeekShare Catroller Xbox Skin, 🔗GeekShare Catroller PS5 Skin, and 🔗GeekShare Catroller PS4 Skin are all available, although they are all Catrollers, the details of each type are different because the distribution of the buttons is different. We can only make the most suitable design according to the specific situation.


The PS4 Skin leaves room for the touchpad, but to protect it from scratches, we'll add a customized kitten sticker that you can decorate by yourself.

And will also add on a pair of thumb grips with a kitten footprint image, not only to decorate your PS4 but also to provide a good sense of touch, so that to ensure your good gaming experience.

There is a highlight on the holding part, we made the cat footprint design, which is simply synonymous with a cute, real kitten paws' touch sense so much like this~ This is a good balance of aesthetics and practicality.


There are currently 4 colors available, pink, blue, green, and gray. If there are new colors available, we will notify you even once they are available!


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