Exclusive Corgi-themed Case For Controller(PS5/PS4/XBOX/NS PRO)


As the number of controller owners grows, GeekShare has also taken into account the convenience for them, so we have released the 🔗GeekShare Corgi Controller Carrying Case.

This case is inspired by a Corgi ... well, to be exact, it's a Corgi's butt, it's too cuuuuute.

The orange exterior is also very consistent with the color of the puppy Corgi, and for a change, we did not use the pattern of Corgi but went for a minimalist style, with no extra decoration, only two dog paw prints, and a small tail. Another small ingenuity of the zipper head is the shape of the tail (which is also our usual style, so GeekShare!)


This bag is suitable for PS5/PS4/XBOX/NS PRO, the size is 191*142*75mm. The internal space is also fully utilized, with one side for you to put your controller, the security strap can hold it in place, and the other side for you to prevent the USB or keys. If you go out, this bag is perfectly suited to your needs.


The high-quality PU material not only protects your controller from drops, bumps, scratches, and dust but also keeps it clean at all times, as the material makes it easy to clean.

In short, if you are a dog fan, don't miss this Corgi Controller Carrying Case, who can say no to a puppy’s butt?


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