Don’t Miss GeekShare’s New Year Sale

To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, GeekShare will start a special sale from the 11th to the 23rd, all bunny-related products can enjoy 20% off. Here are the hot sales of GeekShare's bunny theme for you to pick from.


🔗GeekShare Reunion Dinner Protective Case

Since 2023 is the year of the rabbit, we made full use of the rabbit element, and the Chinese New Year is a time of family reunion, so this Reunion Dinner Protective Case shows the scene of the New Year's Eve dinner, with Baozi and pastries in the shape of rabbits, surrounded by bunnies in new clothes celebrating the New Year, and various lanterns interspersed with rabbit shapes in the back. The bunnies are dressed in new clothes, and various lanterns are interspersed in the back to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.

🔗GeekShare Plush Bunny Protective Case

This Plush Bunny Protective Case is arguably one of the most popular products in recent times. It sells out within 2 days after restocks, and it's also sold out now, but for fans to enjoy the discount, GeekShare will start a pre-order, and we'll ship it to you in mid-February, or if it arrives early, we'll arrange to ship for you as soon as possible.

🔗GeekShare Gothic Bunny Protective Case&Dust Cover

When it comes to a bunny, everyone's impression of it is cute, but the Gothic Bunny case breaks this stereotype. The game of angels and devils, together with the pink rendering, makes the whole scene look dark and lovely.

🔗GeekShare Plush Bunny Carrying Case for Switch&OLED

Who can refuse a pink plush bag? The 3D ears make it look even cuter, and did you see the stars in its eyes? Come GeekShare and take it home!

🔗GeekShare Carrot Bunny Thumb Grip Caps

A smaller version of the bunny and the carrot, the bunny seems to be on the ground, ready to run to the carrot! We also put on an omelet-shaped hairpin for the bunny, which looks adorable.

These are some of the more popular rabbit-themed products out there, but for the rest, you can check them out on the 🔗GeekShare's official website!

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