Winter is not perfect without snowflakes, come to GeekShare and get them

Winter has come, some places may have become a world of snow and ice, but some areas have not yet received snowfall, if your city has not yet received snowfall, you can come to GeekShare to get. 🔗GeekShare Snow Button Caps present the look of snowflakes for you.

The basic shape of a snowflake is a six-pointed star. Under different circumstances, snowflakes can take on a variety of forms. This is mainly due to the temperature and humidity changing rapidly during the process of the snowflake generation, and with slight differences, the shape of the snowflake will be different.

GeekShare Snow Button Caps show the common snowflakes in life, and the blue and white color is a blend of blue sky and white clouds, complementing each other. There are two button caps and two thumb grips in a set. If you only need thumb grips, check out the 🔗GeekShare Snow Thumb Grip Caps, which include four thumb grips in not only blue and white but also purple.

As for the suitable switch protective case, the 🔗GeekShare Bear Smoothie Protective Case for Switch OLED is a good choice.


but it's ❗currently sold out❗, you can subscribe to the GeekShare's officcial website, or join our Reddit community where we'll keep you updated on product restock information!
Another good choice is the 🔗GeekShare Yogurt Cat Protective Case for Switch OLED, where the kitty boss drinks yogurt and is waiting for you to visit his grocery store.

The blue and white color scheme will blend in nicely with the Snow Button Caps as well.

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