Welcome New Members joining in Baby Shark Family~

GeekShare's Baby Shark Switch series are popular and the family is growing. Previously we introduced the 🔗GeekShare Baby Shark Carrying Case for Switch & OLED and the 🔗GeekShare Baby Shark Thumb Grips.

Now the 🔗GeekShare Baby Shark Protective Case is available, and it is suitable for both the regular Switch and Switch OLED.

They are transparent so that they can show the original appearance of the Switch but can also play a decorative role. Because it is a Baby Shark theme, so the main element is the underwater world. When it comes to sharks, many people may be shocked by their large bodies, but GeekShare shows a harmonious underwater world, jellyfish, octopuses, and starfish are living in harmony with the sharks.

And the baby shark even became the octopus's ride, taking it on a wave ~

🔗GeekShare Baby Shark Card Case is inspired by the game console, the buttons of the game console combined with baby shark elements like you can manipulate the baby shark's forward direction. Please let them play happily with other fish!

It can hold 12 game cards, so you can carry this mini card case if you want to take your Switch with you when you go out, enough to satisfy your needs.



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