Tiger Switch Accessories Are Perfect For The Year Of The Tiger

There are 12 Chinese zodiac signs and each year represents a different animal, and this year’s animal is Tiger, so 🔗GeekShare has also released a tiger series of Switch accessories. All are inspired by the Chinese traditional culture, and this article will explain in more detail.

🔗 GeekShare Kitty Tiger Protective Case (for NS only)


In Chinese fables, cats and tigers have a magical story, so GeekShare named this case Kitty Tiger.

According to legend, cats were the most powerful animals in the forest, but the tiger used tricks to steal the cat's position.

The cat was thin but sturdy, and the martial arts skills could be considered unparalleled. The tiger wanted to compete for the cat's position, so he went to worship the cat as the teacher. The cat was very happy, so he decided to teach the tiger some skills.

The tiger practiced very seriously during the day and began to plan how to fight for the king's position at night. The cat didn't know what the tiger”s thought, and still taught the tiger kung fu every day.

The smart fox saw through the tiger's strategy and told the cat, who was very angry but pretended to be calm and continued to teach the tiger. The tiger became more and more powerful. Finally, one day, the tiger wanted to carry out the plan - eat the cat. Surprisingly, the cat climbed up the tree at once and managed to get out of the danger, while the tiger could only stand under the tree.

The tiger was dumbfounded and asked, " why didn't you teach me the Tree Climbing Skill?"

"If I had taught you, I would have died!" The cat hit the nail on the head.


GeekShare combines the characteristics of tigers and cats to design these patterns, as you can see, a "王" on the cat's forehead, which means "king", maybe one day the kitty will become the king of the forest again.


We used a red color, which is also the color of the Chinese New Year.

According to the legend, there was a monster called “Nian” that always appeared on New Year's Day, and people would always use torches to expel the monster, but the torches would always go out, so people wanted to use items of the same color (red) instead, to deter the monster. To this day, every Chinese New Year, the streets are covered with red items, which symbolize happiness and good luck.

We also printed Chinese on the handle shell, "平安" means "Safe," and "富贵" means "Wealth", which is the most sincere blessing.


If you are interested in other elements, you can leave a comment, perhaps we will respond to your preferences and produce the corresponding Switch accessories.


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