The Plush Baby Shark Doesn’t Exist In The Sea, But Can Be In Your Hands!

The GeekShare Baby Shark family has expanded~ but this time it's a little different from the previous products. Blue can fully display the summer vibes, and the previous Baby Shark products are also in this style, but the Plush Baby Shark is kinda interesting.

🔗GeekShare Plush Baby Shark Protective Case for OLED

Who says summer can't be related to fluffy? GeekShare already released some plush cases, the Plush Bunny case and the Plush Bear, which are in pink and brown. They reveal a warm and cozy feel as if they were born to go with the word "fluffy", and this Plush Baby Shark is an interesting combination!

We made 3D pectoral, dorsal, and tail fins, and who wouldn't want to touch the fluffy little tail fin? And it's a baby shark with its mouth open all the time. It's not good to see a shark with its mouth open in real life, but this plush baby shark with its mouth open only makes people love it. I just want to say to it: just come into my arms!!!

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Hi Geekshare!

When I think of Geekshare, I think of Meekshare or happiness share!

The Plush Baby Shark Case of OLED is so cute! But one thing is that I have a switch… So I’m hoping that you could make a Nintendo Switch version too!



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