Still Got A Chance To Get Free GeekShare Coaster!

The GeekShare Halloween Sale is still going on and will end on the 19th, which means there is still a chance to get a free GeekShare coaster! During this time, We're giving away this cute and special coaster with any Halloween items you buy.

If you want a more Halloween-inspired case for your Switch, check it out below.


🐰💜GeekShare PinkHolic Protective Case for Switch OLED


The combination of black and pink makes it fit the Halloween spooky atmosphere and adds a little cuteness. The main part is kitty and bunny, and they both have skull element-related accessories on them, which is very suitable for Halloween. And behind the kitty and bunny, there is a ghost watching them, this time trick or treat?


🐰🖤GeekShare Gothic Bunny Protective Case

This protective case in dark pink and light pink seems to be a sweetheart theme, but out of the ordinary, we use the theme of angels and devils, the angel bunny is busy healing the sick, while the devil bunny is waiting for the next prey with a knife. So, angle or devil, which one will you choose?

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