Star Wings New Version Can Be Pre-ordered!

Because of the popularity of GeekShare Star Wings, many fans even collected a whole set. However, some fans suggested that they already had enough pink items and wanted something different, so we posted another version of the design on IG and let fans vote on it themselves.

The pink Star Wing Mouse Pad is currently sold out, so fans who like Star Wings can consider this version(🔗GeekShare Dark Star Wings Mouse Pad).

A combination of black and purple, the purple crystal is surrounded by black wings, while all around are hanging sharp swords, the whole scene is permeated with danger, and a mysterious atmosphere, if you dare accept the challenge, then try your best to obtain this crystal.

As for the material, we upgraded the fabric, it won't fade! So you do not have to worry about your clothes will be stained with the color.

As for other products in the same series, such as protective cases, dust covers, and so on, we are also in preparation, if you have other products you want, you can leave your message in the comment of our SNS, and we will check them all!

Or you can join 🔗GeekShare Discord Group! Ask us anything you want.

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