Searching For Mystery Style? Check GeekShare's New Protective Case

GeekShare is always trying new styles, and cute isn't the only thing we're after. And for those fans who are tired of pink, our constant breakthroughs may be just what they want to see. Now the 🎨🔗GeekShare Graffiti Riddle Protective Case may be the start of a change of style.

The GeekShare Graffiti Riddle Protective Case is designed specifically for OLED, and if yours is NS or Lite, you can check out GeekShare's other suitable cases.

Graffiti Riddle Protective Case is black overall, to make it colorful, we use purple and raspberry pink as accent colors, raspberry pink is considered a symbol of passion and energy, while purple is a symbol of mystery, their collision is not only the contrast of colors but also the impact and fusion of perception.

 And on top of the black base color, we also used some gray to make the whole picture transition better and more layered.

And on the edges of the letters we did a splatter feel to restore the real graffiti art as much as possible.

If you like street art, try this protective case.

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