Plush Bunny Case Is Perfect For The Clod Weather and Starts Your Cozy Day

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, you may be busy welcoming the arrival of winter, and as your thoughtful friend, GeekShare has released a new Switch case - the 🔗GeekShare Plush Bunny Protective Case.


The GeekShare Plush Bunny Protective Case is only available for the regular Switch, not for Lite/OLED. Every time we released cases for OLED or Lite, some fans asked if we could release the regular Switch version, and we took that into consideration, so this time we're releasing a case specifically for the regular Switch version.

As you can see from the picture, this case is mostly made of furry material, which can make you feel warm and cozy when you holding it. As for why it is in pink because when the 🔗GeekShare Plush Bear Protective Case was debuted, some fans left messages asking if it would be in pink, so now, pink is here!

The bunny ears and paws are in 3D so you can touch them when you're bored.


The material of the handle case is composed of silicone and plush, and the button surface is silicone, if all the plush, when you play the game will affect the game experience. The handle case is printed with bunny patterns, and the lively and lovely bunnies make the whole vibrant.

If you are now looking for a suitable case for your Switch, then come to GeekShare immediately to get your Plush Bunny! We promise that after you place the order, we will immediately arrange for you to ship it to ensure that you can receive it as soon as possible.

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