Plush Bear Finally Met Its Perfect Match

GeekShare releases some new products recently, so hurry up and see if there is anything you like. In addition to the popular 🔗GeekShare Sakura Wagashi Thumb Grip Caps, the GeekShare Cookie Bear Thumb Grip Caps are also a new arrival.


🔗GeekShare Cookie Bear Thumb Grip Caps

Although this thumb grip doesn't have much of a spring vibe, it still doesn't stop it from being cute. There are two colors, brown and khaki, which is also the color of the common cookies in life.

The thumb grip is not a regular circle because we want to highlight their ears. Another highlight is the little cookie they are holding in their hands, as the color of the arm is the same as the color of their bodies, it is a little indistinguishable at the first glance.

🔗GeekShare Plush Bear Protective Case

Plush Bear is not a new product, but it is still popular, and it and Cookie Bear thumb grips are simply too match!

As the name suggests, the case is furry, and the 3D ears are a nice touch.

And the blushes on the face show its shyness but still want to invite you to play games.

Just say yes to the cutie!!!!



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