New XBOX Accessory Is Here!

Since GeekShare has been in 🔗Discord, we have had more opportunities to find out directly what everyone's intentions are. Some people asked before if there would be more XBOX accessories, as we seemed to be too focused on releasing Switch accessories before, and now the new XBOX accessory is here.
GeekShare Catroller Xbox Skin

There are currently four colors to choose from, pink, blue, green, and gray. Someone in Discord asked if there will be a purple one, we don't know yet, but we will give feedback to the product manager about this request, and once we decide to make a purple one, we will post a notice in time.

As for the shape, it's lovely as always. If you're a fan of GeekShare, then you know that we always use cute animals as inspiration to create attractive products.

The name "Catroller" was offered by our fans. As the name suggests, it is inspired by a kitten, with two kitty ears to show how cute it is, and we made reasonable use of the middle button layout to design a cute kitten face.
There are kitten footprints at the hand part, which is not only for aesthetics but also to play the role of anti-slip, which can ensure you have a good gaming experience.
Note: Buy XBOX Skin now, the product will come with a pair of joystick caps for free(as shown in the picture).

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