National Moon Day, Moon Exploration Cases Slay

International Moon Day is an annual day dedicated to the Earth’s one and only natural satellite, the Moon! It’s held every year on the 20th of July. For the special day, GeekShare Moon Exploration Case slay~ GeekShare 🔗Moon-related products are 25% off with code “MOONDAY” between 20 to 21st.

🔗GeekShare Moon Exploration Protective Case


GeekShare has released the Moon Exploration Protective Case for both Switch OLED and NS versions, which mixes many sci-fi elements and also pays homage to the first Apollo moon landing in 1969.

This case comes in two colors, transparent and white. The overall use of black and white, echoing the tone of the real moon, and the middle orange to play a role of accent, echoing "The Martian", give free rein to our imagination, perhaps one-day humans can live on the moon. After all, Musk's Space is also working on a new invention called the "lunar elevator". This is a kind of astronaut from the lunar module to the moon's surface elevator. 

🔗GeekShare Silvery Space Carrying Case

Another moon-related product is the GeekShare Silvery Space Carrying Case, with a silver exterior that makes it even more special and a frosted and smooth touch that enhances the overall texture. For a silver maniac like me, this is perfect, practical, and aesthetically enjoyable.


🔗GeekShare Moon Exploration Mouse Pad

As for Moon Exploration Mouse Pad, GeekShare has used black as the base color, and the content on it is all-encompassing, more like an imitation of the pre-lunar landing period, imitating researchers' manuscripts and trying to recreate a grand blueprint.

If you're a sci-fi fan, try the GeekShare Moon Exploration collection, which won’t let you down~








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