Hope You Have A Purple Patch!

"Have a purple patch" means a run of success or good luck, GeekShare wants to bring endless good luck to everyone, and Purple might be a lucky color. Fans say they already have enough pink items and want more purple products, and now they're here.

🔗GeekShare Muppet Protective Case for Switch OLED

This one is specifically designed for Switch OLED. Deep purple and light purple blend with each other, sweet and dark. The main element is the kitty.

The kitty is controlled by the devil and becomes a puppet, but there is always a warrior who stands up and becomes a hero to save others. Who will be the one?

🔗GeekShare Taro Pudding Carrying Bag for Tablet

The tablet carrying case is designed for most 9-11 inch tablets. The large space is enough to meet your needs.

The purple case looks like purple taro pudding, and there are uneven areas on it that resemble cheese, maybe, have you ever tasted cheese with taro flavor?

There is also a highlight on the front is the cloud, but in my opinion, it is also very much like ice cream haha, which can form a tasty dessert!

The zipper head also reflects our original design, a purple cloud shape, but with a white outline. If purple is the color of luck for sure, then GeekShare would like to do everything we can to bring you endless luck.

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