Happy 2023 Rabbit Year! Are You Sure You Don't Want To Get Some Bunny Products?

GeekShare has released a new product, and the timing is perfect. 2023 is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, so here comes this 🔗GeekShare Carrot Bunny Thumb Grip Caps!

Just like its name, there are rabbits and carrots in the set, we refined the details of the bunny, which is like lying on its stomach to you, looking at you expectantly, hoping you can feed it carrots, and we customized an 🍳omelet-shaped hairpin for it, so cute~ The other grip is the carrot, from the color to the shape are 1:1 restored, just more mini.

A set of four grips, that is, two bunnies, two carrots, so you can ensure that you have a spare pair, but also according to your preferences free combination, you can configure two bunnies or two carrot caps for your Switch joystick.

And, this set of joystick caps and 🔗GeekShare Plush Bunny Protective Case is a perfect match. The pink plush case is also a hot sale on GeekShare now, it sold out as soon as it debuted, and we've been restocking it, but the restocking cycle is not short, so buy it as soon as it's available!

You can subscribe to the official GeekShare website so you can always check if it's in stock and be the first to know when new products are released.

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