Get Ready For Jo Jo Paw Love

When we first released the 🔗GeekShare Jo Jo Paw Protective Case, it was adored by fans that we decided to expand the Jo Jo Paw series of Switch accessories, and we recently released the 🔗Jo Jo Paw Silicone Dock Cover for Switch OLED.


Because it is placed on the desktop, so we made a lifelike kitty, from a distance it looks like a kitty lying on your desk. 3D cat ears and tail to make the entirety more three-dimensional, and we carefully observed the state of the kitty when resting, the front paw will be tucked up, and the tail will also be close to the buttocks place, super cute!!!!


So the pattern on this Dock Cover is to restore the original cute behavior of the cat, only the fusion of yellow, brown, and white colors makes it look more cartoonish.

Environmentally friendly soft silicone material makes it look great and easy to clean, if you accidentally get it dirty, just wipe it with a wet paper towel, and there will be no strange smell when unboxing, we guarantee the product is of high quality.


Currently, this Dock Cover is only available for OLED, a version for regular Switch will be available soon, and we will also announce the related info on IG when the exact date comes.

Now GeekShare is offering a new discount for Jo Jo Paw fans, now come to GeekShare to buy the "Jo Jo Paw Protective Case + Jo Jo Paw Silicone Dock Cover" set, and you can automatically Enjoy 10% off.


If you own a Switch OLED, then this is the right time to order this set, but if you have a regular switch, then you can wait for us to launch the corresponding Dock Cover before you buy it, now you can subscribe to 🔗GeekShare and receive the latest news all over again.

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