GeekShare x HEI Collab! We Got A Real Kitty!

Luo Xiaohei is a cute little cat with a black body from the Chinese cartoonist MTJJ. The story of Luo Xiaohei is divided into two parallel worlds: "The Daily Life of LUOXIAOHEI" and "The Legend of LUOXIAOHEI". Speaking of cats, how could GeekShare be absent? After all our efforts, GeekShare and Hei have entered into a partnership! Now 🔗GeekShare The Hei Series accessories are available.

😼Luo Xiaohei is a cat elf😼 who was adopted by Luo Xiaobai after being seriously injured by stealing the treasure.

HEI is kind and friendly to humans. Adopted by Luo Xiaobai and was willing to accompany her. The line of goblins who came to rob the treasure indicated that they needed the treasure to save the life of a friend, and HEI did not hesitate to give it out. In the countryside once saved the puppies from a dog thief, but prevented his companions from hunting the dog thief, only because the dog thief had a daughter to take care of.

In The Legend of LUOXIAOHEI, the young HEI was hurt by humans, the boss asked it if wanted to kill humans, and HEI replied "I do not know", but in fact could not bear to hurt humans. What did I say? Kitty is the cutest, the angels that exist to heal humans.


🔗GeekShare The Hei Protective Case

Because HEI's body is black, so we use black color for this case as a whole, and HEI features green inside the ears, so we also restore its image perfectly. The main pattern of the protective case is HEI is flying because it is a cat elf, so flying is a breeze for it.

🔗GeekShare The Hei Thumb Grips

The two different expressions are also a perfect restoration of HEI's character, one is innocent, and the other is "evil", which shows that HEI is lovable but sometimes can be puckish, like playing tricks on others.

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