GeekShare Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2.0

From the 10th-14th, any pink items can enjoy 20% off on GeekShare. But considering that many popular products are not pink either, another gift from GeekShare is the 14% off gift card. After checking out, you'll receive an email with your e-gift card number, which will automatically generate the discounted amount for you.

❗❗Note that this 14% off gift card cannot be combined with other discounts. ❗❗You can check out some of the products worth buying below.

🔗GeekShare Play Game Crossbody Bag

The design is inspired by the Switch, with the handle on both sides and the "screen" in the middle, which can be a great way to display your Switch protective case. In addition, you can also use it as a normal purse.

🔗GeekShare Game Girl Crossbody Bag - 3 Colors

Another hot product from GeekShare, but currently pink is out of stock and only blue and purple are available. You can take it out as a normal bag, or you can use it for Switch only, but you need to remove the Switch handle to fit it in. The space is not particularly large, but holding a Switch is also enough, which is compact and practical.

🔗GeekShare JoJo Paw Carrying Bag

Everyone who sees it can't help but touch its "ears"! The furry appearance makes it look more like a chubby kitty, turning its back on us and thinking about its life~

So, take these cuties home in this sale!


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