GeekShare Transparent Switch Protective Cases For Your Choices

GeekShare has always been committed to producing different styles of Switch accessories, bunny, kitty, bear, and other elements have appeared on our products, and pink is always popular. But transparent cases are also hot sales on GeekShare, so today's transparent switch cases might be your type.

🔗GeekShare Space Cat Protective Case

It is suitable for NS and Switch OLED, you can buy it according to your needs. The transparent case can well show the original color of the Switch, we just design some patterns embellished in the body and handle part. Space Cat Protective Case, as its name suggests, kitty astronauts traversing various planets, and the detail on the handle is the astronaut kitty finally reaching a planet, and inserting a flag with a cat paw print there!


🔗GeekShare Travel Cat Protective Case for Switch OLED

This case is only available for Switch OLED. The story is set in Kamakura, Japan because Enoshima Electric Railway is a famous train connecting Kamakura and Fujisawa. The tram and the driveway run parallel to the sea, so you can see the sea clearly, and the kitties are about to start their journey, a combination of reality and fantasy, 🐱if there is a kitty planet, perhaps their life is also like this leisurely.

🔗GeekShare Steam Girl Protective Case for Switch OLED

If you like games, anime, and Two-dimensional things, then this case can easily show your personality and maybe help you find friends who have the same hobbies as you.

🔗GeekShare Strange Spacecraft Protective Case

It is available for NS and Switch OLED, why Starnge Spacecraft? Because we designed it with a pilot flying a bird-shaped plane and steering all the time to avoid attacks from all directions. The color scheme is red and blue, so this clear case is perfectly suited to the red and blue console!

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