GeekShare Provides Lower Freight and Faster Delivery

As GeekShare's fan base grows, GeekShare has decided to provide better service to buyers, one of which is lower freight.

Considering that GeekShare fans are located all over the world, we are also doing our best to expand our local warehouses so that once you purchase a product from our official site, we will arrange delivery for you from the nearest warehouse and you will receive it in a shorter period.

We now have warehouses in the US, so now buyers in the US can receive their products in as soon as 2-3 days if they purchase from the GeekShare website, and freight is even lower, with the lowest freight being as low as $1.99.

We are now working on arranging local warehouses in Australian and European regions as soon as possible for the convenience of our local customers.

In addition, there is also a sale on the GeekShare site right now where shipping is free for products under $35, and this sale will run until the 17th. So if you were hesitant before because of expensive freight, now is a good time to buy your favorite products.

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