GeekShare “Mouse Pad + Wrist Rest” Sets Recommended

While GeekShare is known for producing cute Switch accessories, you can still find plenty of adorable mouse pads here! Considering that it's worth checking out these mouse pad + wrist rest sets below to ease the burden on your wrists while using the computer as much as possible.

🔗GeekShare Magic Bunny Mouse Pad +Wrist Rest

The mouse pad comes in two sizes, so you can choose the size you like. The overall colors are purple and light blue, and the theme is inspired by the claw machine with the bunny right in the middle, and the only way to get the bunny is to use a carrot as bait! And on the top of the mouse pad, we also made a pair of rabbit ears ~

The pattern on the wrist rest is even simpler, it is a small head of a rabbit, and from the front looks like a small rabbit is lying prone on the ground looking at you expectantly.

🔗GeekShare Bakery Cat Mouse Pad +Wrist Rest

Welcome to the Cat Sweet Bakery! Here you will find baguettes, toast, croissants, and more, and most importantly a kitty chef to greet you.

The wrist rest is shaped more like a baguette but is a special one with a kitten paw on it.

🔗GeekShare Cat Ears Big Mouse Pad+Wrist Rest

The mouse pad is shaped like a Switch, with a lot of "button" design and kitty-related elements.

The wrist rest is purple, echoing the color of the mouse pad's ears.

If you're looking for a mouse pad set, look no further than these products from GeekShare.

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