GeekShare Irregular Shape Carrying Case Offers Large Capacity

Because many people want full protection for their Switch, even if it is equipped with a protective case for the Switch, Carrying Case is also by necessity, which not only provides protection for the Switch but also makes you hands-free during travels.

You can also find many cases with personality and cuteness in GeekShare, but some cases have extra 3D decoration, so it's hard to find a suitable large-capacity Carrying Case. With these in mind, GeekShare recently released a new 🔗Irregular Shape Carrying Case.

It has a large capacity to meet your needs. When we first released the product picture on IG, some fans asked in the comments if the 🔗Jo Jo Paw Protective Case could fit, and the answer was yes.

And the 🔗Star Wings Protective Case can also be accommodated. All in all, the Irregular Shape Carrying Case can fit almost any GeekShare protective case.

It is still pink as the main color and the zipper part is gray, which makes the overall transition more natural and not abrupt.

This time we did not design any pattern on its surface, only printed the GeekShare logo. To make it a unique bag, we intend to let you get creative and make it on your own!🦄🌟💫✨🌈

We'll attach some embroidery stickers, so you can decorate your Carrying Case as you like.




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