GeekShare Gothic Bunny Set! Dust Cover Joining In

Spring is here, are you sure you don't want to decorate your Switch with a new case? The GeekShare Gothic Bunny series is a good choice, with pink color, but the elements are more than cute. Angel and devil exist in the same frame, so the whole series is a unique mix of sweet and dark.

🔗GeekShare Gothic Bunny Protective Case

If you search for Gothic, the associated words are "dark," "antiquated," and "black", but GeekShare seems to subvert these, incorporating pink elements. The angel bunny and the evil bunny can exist in one image at the same time, and except for the evil bunny, which is gray, the other images are a blend of light and deep pink, sweet but dark, which is GeekShare's Gothic.

🔗GeekShare Gothic Bunny Dock Cover

Like the case, there are two versions, one for the regular Switch and one for the OLD version. With the same elements, but with contrasting patterns, the angel bunny and the evil bunny exist in the same world but have different missions.

🔗GeekShare Gothic Bunny Dust Cover

This is a new product in the Gothic Bunny series, currently available only on GeekShre’s official website. It's transparent, so even if it covers your Switch, you can still see your Switch through it. We designed patterns around the Dust Cover, which makes it look less monotonous, and its large space gives us more room to play.

The angel bunny and the devil bunny are distributed on two sides, and the sick bunny is on the top, so who will finish the respective missions first?

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