GeekShare Black Cat Acrylic Controller Holder

Another GeekShare product with kitty elements is here, as there is a lot of feedback from fans wanting more Xbox accessories, and now GeekShare is progressively fulfilling the fans' wishes.

Although this time is not Controller Skin, is also an adorable and practical XBOX accessory.

🔗Black Cat Acrylic Controller Holder

As its name suggests, it is made of acrylic, so it is not easy to damage.d The whole is black, a black cat, from the front, is a kitty lifting the front paws, if put your controller on it, it is more like a cat is holding up your controller without complaint~

From its tail can see it is in a good mood and is willing to do the thing for you.

Well, the reality of the kitty is not so obedient, when I hold them, staying in my arms softly is expressing their love for me!

Fits most modern and retro game controllers, such as PS4, PS5, Switch Pro, Xbox One, Xbox Series X S, etc. If you are a kitty maniac, come and buy it!

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