Christmas Guide 2023 2.0

Christmas is approaching and GeekShare is preparing for the Christmas Sale, so stay tuned. To make sure you get your hands on the best products during the Christmas sale, we've also released some guides, so you can check out these articles to see if they contain your favorite products.

GeekShare Star Wings is going from strength to strength, from NS to PS5, you can find the right accessories for them in this collection.

💜GeekShare Star Wings PS5/NS Pro Skin

Finally, we released some PlayStation-related accessories, which are designed for NS PRO and PS5. 2 colors for you to choose from - pink&purple, and the matching thumb grip caps are gant goods.

💟GeekShare Star Wings Controller Carrying Case


 💛GeekShare Stars Wings Carrying Bag


It is the most adorable ever! The plush exterior is sure to capture your heart! Pink is the main hue, with white as the accent color. Part of the eye-catching is the 3D wings, and the color choice echoes the Star Wings' protective case, combining yellow and white.

As for the appearance, instead of a regular rectangle, the shape of a cloud is as cozy as a cloud, and you can have both wings and clouds at once.

💗GeekShare Star Wings Carrying Case for Switch&OLED

The hard shell case can protect your Switch better. The wings on the case are GeekShare style as always and the zipper is also in the shape of wings. A small bag can be easy to carry around.

🌟GeekShare Stars Wings Protective Case

must not be missing the wing element, the main pattern in the middle is 3D wings, which not only echoes the overall, 3D design is non-slip, which can provide a good touch feeling when playing the game. The overall color is still pink, but to keep it from being too monotonous, we use ⭐yellow stars embellished.

💟GeekShare Cream Heart Thumb Crips

Pink and yellow echo the colors of the case, and the pink hearts and yellow stars are reminiscent of desserts, doughnuts, ice cream, and other foods that can keep people happy.

⭐GeekShare Star Wings Silicone Dock Cover

This one fits both versions, the regular Switch and Switch OLED, so no matter what version of Switch you have, you can buy it. The color is, as usual, a lovely pink, with the white unopened wings in the middle leaving us enough mystery.


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Will you ever bring back the star wings game cartridge case?? please bring it back 😭😭😭


Will you ever bring back the star wings game cartridge case?? please bring it back 😭😭😭


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