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Mystery Box for Thumb Grips

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Mystery Box:

If you have difficulty choosing patterns or need a surprise for your life, choose this box! If you also want a big discount(~50% off), choose this box! The purpose of making the box is to create surprise and mystery!


  1. Two RANDOM thumb grips in ONE box and are promised to be DIFFERENT. 
  2. ~50% OFF! But all the cases are 100% Brand NEW.
  3. The grips are chosen from ALL the GeekShare thumb grips so there might be other grips in the box, which are NOT shown in the pictures.
  4. 5% chance to win special stickers as BONUS!


  1. Please pay attention to the categories you choose - ①Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite/Switch OLED; ②PS4/PS5/Switch Pro
  2. Since this is a special product, we do NOT support the refund, return, or exchange!!!
  3. If you've had certain thumb grips from our shop and want to ensure that you won't get that same one again in the mystery box. Please LEAVE A NOTE for us when purchasing. There should be an "Add a note for the seller" box in your cart. However, you can only exclude one kind of thumb grip.

Good Luck:

Different surprises, unexpected boxes, just like your good fortune never ends.